Day 4: A Rambling Woman

Today is the first day this week, where my writing resolution bothers me. I am having a hard time writing about anything in particular, so today’s entry will probably make no sense, as I will be rambling my way to five hundred words.  I will be focusing on reaching my goal, so that I don’t miss a date on my project, but I honestly can’t think of one real thing to say.
I have to prepare a Menu Book for a family of six that eats like a family of ten that is taking a lot longer than I thought it would.  For whatever reason I don’t feel like doing it at all. I also need to shop for my friends Mexican Night themed Bridal Shower, which is being held at my house this coming Thursday. I bet ill have lots to say after that!!

This cold weather is getting on my nerves. I’m going to have to start wearing shoes. I hate shoes; I’m definitely a flip-flops kind of girl. Although my legs look great in high heels, I’m not bragging, just saying.

I can’t believe I’m out of stuff to say so soon. But I have to keep going, if I skip one day, ill skip two, and then three and then four and then five and then six so on.
Next a little fiction exercise that fell short:

I hate being here. The fact that we have to share the same space makes my skin crawl.  I hate not being able to choose where I have to be on the weekends, they shuffle me back and forth without asking what I want or need. The words I want to scream are locked in my throat and I can’t help but think they’ll never get out. The fact that I have to come here willingly is unfair, my own mother is so oblivious to the world outside her little perfect job that she doesn’t even see how much I hate him. How much I can’t stand to be in the same room as him.

I had that one paragraph hanging around since yesterday, couldn’t add anything else to it so I've decided to put it in this rambler.

Now I'm to Wok for some Chinese food with a couple of good friends and maybe I can get inspired for tomorrow’s entry since today has been such a bad one. I don’t understand why, since I did a lot of stuff today. A lot.

Man I still have to many words to go. This is hard, especially when you are trying to fill space instead of actually saying something.

I am tempted to not reach my five hundred world limit, because honestly the world won’t end if don’t make it, but I will feel like failure if I can’t even last four days with this exercise/project.
I want to create a habit of writing everyday and I refuse to give up so soon. Everyone says I should just reduce the amount of words but I won’t back down.

                                                            Word Count: 509


  1. Don't give up sweetie! I know you can do this... you are doing really well so far! And, for the record, you're right, your legs do look great in heels... but I'm with you, I'm a flip flops girl... too bad I actually have to wear shoes here!!! Way too cold for flip flops!

  2. Don't give up Marcelle! It will get easier , give it time... I love reading what you write even if you have nothing to say, makes me feel closer to home :) Miss you friend!