Another Year, Another Candle

Today i spent all day helping a friend run errands for her son's fourth birthday.

The theme is motocross, and he knows exactly what he wants. He chose the colors and the cake; he even had a magazine to show the cake lady exactly what he wanted!! He is four!!! 
Kids these days are smarter than ever. 
I dont even remember what i liked when i was four and pretty sure my mom 
used to spend very little money on my birthdays that young.

These days it’s a whole other ballgame. There are ten thousand themes to choose from 
anything from hello kitty to that annoying girl Hanna Montana. 
You go into a store and they have everything you need, im surprised
we didnt find any toilet paper but im sure it exists.

Anyway my point is why do parents make such a big deal about kid’s birthdays
 when they are too young to ever remember it? Honestly my friend and her ex payed
 the same amount I owe in credit card bills (which is a lot trust me) When i was young
 all my birthdays where small because my Quinceanera was going to be Huge!!!
 What do kids do for quinces now? Hire a Pop Star? Do parents take on loans to make that party?

I’m not a very maternal person so maybe I just don’t get it, can someone please explain?

Tomorrow I'll post a picture so that you can see what a really really expensive cake looks like

P.S Blogger was being stupid so this post looks weird!! 
I think the Disney Gods are punishing me for dissing one of their own


Im sure it counts...

I found a new website called Get Glue and its like Crack!! I cant put down the pipe!
Ive spent all afternoon writing comments on it. That counts as writing right?


A little color never hurt anyone!

Yesterday  I wrote a description for my blog and spent all day downloading templates. I love the new look and since I've decided I wont be cutting my hair until December this way I can change something in my life as many times as I want!!

I also added my Shelfari bookshelf wich I think anyone who loves reading needs to get. Its easy and free and you can keep track of all the books you’ve read or ar planning to read.  There are thousands of groups you can join and its easy to make new friends. So if you love reading join Shelfari


Take Two

Life happens. You make choices that that change your course and sometimes, if you’re lucky, they change your life.  After coming home from  Haiti all I wanted to do was cry. Cry for the ten year old girl who lost hearing on her left ear because no one knew she had an ear infection. Cry for the limping father who didn’t want anyone to clean the open wound on his leg until someone helped his two month old little girl who lost her mother. Cry for the many Haitian volunteers that even when living in tents would show up every morning to see what they could do to help. Cry for the rain that fell on my tent while many others didn’t have the luxury of a roof. Cry for the smiling children who sang while waiting hours just for a chance to eat some crackers.

Haiti marked me. My experience there is tattooed on my soul and nothing I write can ever express all I saw, felt or learned there. There aren’t enough words in any language that can truly help me describe my experience. I won’t try to, all I can do now is live, enjoy my life, appreciate all I have and try to nourish my soul with all the joy I can get to feed it. Haiti taught me that living your life, enjoying it for what it is, only happens when you truly appreciate all that you still have. I have a lot. A lot to smile about, to laugh about, to cry about, to write about. So from now on I will just write.

I started this blog as I way to help me get back to writing. Ever since I was a little girl all I ever wanted  was to be a writer. I wanted to put on paper the characters that lived in my head and had a story to tell.  I wanted to re write the ending of my favorite Telenovela, or my favorite book, or my favorite movie. I wanted to live through my words all I had yet to live. Years later I still want all those things and my biggest failure has been to neglect this simple act that brings me joy. I set myself a goal that I won’t be able to meet now. So this is me starting over. I will not write five hundred words a day anymore. I will try to write every day with the understanding that life happens and that someday's are worth five hundred words, others a thousand and others merely ten.

A good friend told me that the point is just to write.