Planning makes it easier

Last time I did the Atkins diet, I worked in the Restaurant industry so every meal I had was prepared for me.
This time around I spent a week planning a Menu for one month. After my menu was ready I went food shopping  prepped most of the meals I would use, then froze them.

I am on Day 3. So far I've followed the menu but not as strict as I thought because the portions Ive used are bigger than I needed. Left overs work really well so I haven't cooked as much as I thought.

The best thing so far has been having plenty of snacks on hand. Anytime I get a little hungry and start craving some carbs I take something from my stash in the office and all is well again. I think having a lot of snack options on hand is  making this process so much easier.

My goal is 40 pounds and as much as would like to lose them quickly and easy but reality is not always like that.While on Atkins sometimes you loos inches first before you lose weight and because of that I wont weight myself until January 24 so that if I haven't lost much I wont get so discouraged.

 Lets hope the rest of the week goes as great as this first few days

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