Every year I try again, lets see what happens now

I really do want to be a committed writer. I try every year. I even signed up for this great site called 750 words that i wrote on everyday for over 20 days straight!!! but I couldn't  even last a full month. I am a procrastinator and a lazy writer so I will give myself no time frame, no deadline and no minimum lines to write. I will just post whenever the mood strikes and hopefully this year I'll write more than once.

This new inspiration to blog has been sparked by my return to the Atkins diet. On January 1st, 2006 my cousin sent a picture from the New Year's Eve party we had attended the night before and I almost died when I saw myself. I had always been chubby, but up until that point and that picture i hadn't truly accepted that I was overweight but from that moment on I quit sugar and carbs for 2 years, just like that,cold turkey.  

At my highest in those first days of 2006 I weighed 230 pounds, at my lowest in March 2008 I weighed 147 pounds. I kept the weight off for two years but starting January 2010 after falling into a small depression I steadily started to gain the weight back. Last month  I decided to try Atkins again. This past few weeks Ive been food shopping and recipe browsing and I am officially ready to start the diet Monday January 7th.

Two days ago I got on scale and it read 190 pounds so Ive gained half of the weight I lost five years ago. 

Ive created a full month menu for myself and after two full weeks of Induction hopefully the pounds will start dropping. I will try to post my favorite recipes and keep track of my progress.

I'm going to search my pictures and try to post a couple of may old ones and a new one so that I can keep track of the change that will be happening now.

If anyone wants a more detailed help with the diet and how to prepare for it. Send me your questions and I'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.

'Till next time

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  1. Do it sister!! You got my support 100%, in both projects. I started Carb Nite like a week ago (very similar to Atkins) so if you ever need a dining partner let me know!