Maybe this time I'll keep it up

I never finish any writing I start. I've had notebooks and notebooks half filled with first sentences and first paragraphs of all the stories I would one day write. I never have . I started this blog and never continued it but I want to chronicle my next adventure, its titled: An European Leap of Faith. I won’t be taking my computer with me, so I’ll be doing it “old school” style which means I’ll probably never type it up and update this blog. But I’m going to start now and maybe someday I’ll finish it.

So far I have:

a)      A Time Frame
I leave Santo Domingo April 10 return May 12

b)      A Route
Santo Domingo – Rome – Naples – Rome – Florence – Venice- Budapest – Vienna – Prague – Barcelona – Santo Domingo
c)       A Budget
I need US$5000 if I want to sleep in a room by myself and about US$3500 if I want to sleep in a room at all
d)      Plane tickets:
Santo Domingo – Rome
Venice – Budapest
Barcelona – Santo Domingo

I’m still missing a couple of things. The next step is to buy the ticket Prague – Barcelona and to try to secure free housing in as many places as I can by March 10.  I’m giving myself a month before the trip to have my free lodgings settle before I start making reservations and/or paying in advance. Then, I will  need to decide where I will be sleeping at each stop  and I making all the bookings in advance so that I don’t have to carry much money.

At this point people keep asking me if I’m really going to this month long trip alone. I am and I’m afraid, I won’t lie, but I’m more afraid of not doing it, than of what might happen if I do it alone.

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