Another Year, Another Candle

Today i spent all day helping a friend run errands for her son's fourth birthday.

The theme is motocross, and he knows exactly what he wants. He chose the colors and the cake; he even had a magazine to show the cake lady exactly what he wanted!! He is four!!! 
Kids these days are smarter than ever. 
I dont even remember what i liked when i was four and pretty sure my mom 
used to spend very little money on my birthdays that young.

These days it’s a whole other ballgame. There are ten thousand themes to choose from 
anything from hello kitty to that annoying girl Hanna Montana. 
You go into a store and they have everything you need, im surprised
we didnt find any toilet paper but im sure it exists.

Anyway my point is why do parents make such a big deal about kid’s birthdays
 when they are too young to ever remember it? Honestly my friend and her ex payed
 the same amount I owe in credit card bills (which is a lot trust me) When i was young
 all my birthdays where small because my Quinceanera was going to be Huge!!!
 What do kids do for quinces now? Hire a Pop Star? Do parents take on loans to make that party?

I’m not a very maternal person so maybe I just don’t get it, can someone please explain?

Tomorrow I'll post a picture so that you can see what a really really expensive cake looks like

P.S Blogger was being stupid so this post looks weird!! 
I think the Disney Gods are punishing me for dissing one of their own


  1. What is a Quinceanera?

  2. well, if you want to know how crazy quinces can be, just take a gander at my super sweet sixteen on MTV where a bunch of entitled snot nosed brats and their parents run around for 1/2 an hour spending prodigious amounts of money.
    also, the 'rents excuse for the bdays is usually something about the pictures (for "posterity") and/or repayment of social obligations (so and so invited my kid to their kid's party so now we have to reciprocate).